Most Hundreds in career (Women ODIs)

List of Player with 3 or more hundreds in Women One Day Internationals

M Lanning (AUS-W)2011-201866668113074152*53
S Bates (NZ-W)2006-20181151091210424516843.76
C Edwards (ENG-W)1997-20161911802395992173*38.16
S Taylor (ENG-W)1998-20111261201884101156*40.2
K Rolton (AUS-W)1995-20091411323284814154*48.14
S Taylor (ENG-W)2006-2018118111137394514740.25
M Raj (IND-W)1999-2018197*1785076550125*51.17
A Satterthwaite (NZ-W)2007-20181131071463475137*37.36
T Beaumont (ENG-W)2009-20185649651786168*41.53
J Brittin (ENG-W)1979-19986359952121138*42.42
S Devine (NZ-W)2006-20189683105235014532.19
S Taylor (WI-W)2008-2018111110145423017144.06
B Clark (AUS-W)1991-20051181141254844229*47.49
N Bolton (AUS-W)2014-2018444444184912446.22
L Keightley (AUS-W)1995-200582781242630156*39.84
D Hockley (NZ-W)1982-2000118115184406411741.89
S Mandhana (IND-W)2013-201844*4433160213539.07
A Jayangani (SL-W)2010-201875*75232286178*31.31
H Kaur (IND-W)2009-201890*761232220171*34.68
A Blackwell (AUS-W)2003-2017144124273349211436

Records includes the following current or recent matches:
SL-W v IND at Katunayake, ICC Women’s Championship 3rd ODI,16 Sep 2018
SL-W v IND at Galle, ICC Women’s Championship 2nd ODI, 13 Sep 2018
SL-W v IND at Galle, ICC Women’s Championship 1st ODI, 11 Sep 2018

(Source: espncricinfo)