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Chief Selector MSK Prasad trolled on twitter after his statement on Former Skipper M S Dhoni

The Indian team for ODI’s and T20Is for Sri Lanka tour was selected on Monday and Former Skipper M S Dhoni is selected by the BCCI selection committee but on asking questions about Dhoni’s future; Chief selector MSK Prasad said that Dhoni is no more contender of automatic selection process.

Yes it’s true that one need to perform to cement his place in the team and it applies on every member of the team not Dhoni only. We are all stakeholders. We all want the Indian team to do well. If Dhoni is performing than he is definitely play but on the other hand If he is not, we will have to look at alternatives,” Prasad answered in a pragmatic manner.

Prasad then illustrated the Andre Agassi analogy about how some players get better with age.

“I was just reading Andre Agassi’s autobiography ‘Open’, his life actually started after 30 years. Till then, he won two or three. His actual life started after that. He lived under the media pressure with the question “When are you going to retire?” But he played till 36 and he won so many Grand Slams.”

This move can be a sign of the approach going forward with the World Cup coming up in 2019 in England. Prasad said that core of the Indian team for the 2019 World Cup will be acknowledged in the coming four to five months through a rotary motion.

Further he said “We have two to three phases in those parameters leading up to the 2019 World Cup and if someone fails to match to those parameters, then he will not be considered irrespective of whoever it is,” he emphasized.

The fans were so livid over his comment that they even asked MSK Prasad on twitter that who is he to say that MSD is no longer an automatic choice and he should see his own cricket career before commenting on MSD’s capabilities.     

 Here Some of the reactions by the fans on twitter:


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