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INDvsAUS: Cricket Australia now told its players to Play Hard and Fair Cricket

Before the start of the Test series between India and Australia, discussion about aggression is on the edge. In the ongoing dispute between Australian ex-veterans, Cricket Australia’s new president, Earl Eddings

“Just play good, hard cricket. I don’t think people want us to be quiet but they want us to play with respect to the game, play hard but fair, and win well and lose better,” Eddings was quoted as saying by Sydney Morning Herald.

“The old adage is you don’t say much when you win and say even less when you lose. I think we have a great team, they are fine young men, and I think they will do that.

“My advice to the guys is to go out and play your natural game and try as hard as you can. That’s all Australians want to see,” Eddings said.

He has urged his Test team to play hard but sporting game in the series. The first Test between India and Australia will be played in Adelaide on December 6. With the new coach Justin Langer, the players are expected to play full sincerity.

It is notable that after the ball tempering controversy, Australian players were also criticized that they became very aggressive and can do anything to win the match. After this controversy, many people believed that leaving the Australian players to work more aggressively, only the sport should pay attention. Many cricket experts agreed to this. Earlier

Eddings also added

“Day-night Test cricket is a way of the future. You don’t play it in all countries and at all venues. Certainly, in Adelaide, you have seen how successful that has been,” Eddings said.

“Unfortunately, we couldn’t get it done this year but we are going to have one in Brisbane. If you have the right Test at the right spot, day-night Test cricket is fantastic.

Under current International Cricket Council rules, the visiting nation can reject the host nation’s request when it comes to scheduling. However, that is set to change under the new Test championship program from next year.

Clark had encouraged aggression

“Australian cricket, I think, needs to stop worrying about being liked and start worrying about being respected,” he told commercial radio.

“Play tough Australian cricket. Whether we like it or not, that’s in our blood.”

If you try to leave your style, then maybe we will become the most favorite team in the world but we will not win the match. The players want to win. “

Simon Katich did not agree with Clark statement

Clarke’s statement had begun the process of accusation in Australian cricket. Former player Simon Katich had accused him of similar attitudes to lead the team to fraud. At the same time Melbourne’s sports broadcaster and author Gerrard W. Edwards said that such thinking of Clark promoted the culture that the team was bent on cheating to win. Clarke said in response, “Gerrard felt that I am responsible for issues like flirting with the ball, it’s nothing but cowardly people running behind the headlines.”  

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