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Do you Know Harmanpreet Kaur Played 171 run knock with one hand?

Yes you heard it right; it’s true that the Harmanpreet Kaur played 171 not out audacious knock against Australia factually with one hand; She told in an Interview to Times of India (TOI).

The celebrity cricketer of Indian Women team ‘Harmanpreet Kaur’ played the whole tournament, including semi final and final with a clamp attached to the ring finger of her left hand. Furthermore, all through the semifinal, while playing that amazing innings, Harmanpreet injured her left shoulder as she was planting a lot of force on it to get power into her shots.

Harmanpreet Kaur played ICC Women’s World cup finals with two injuries and still managed to score 51 off 80 balls with two sixes and 3 four’s in that innings. Harmanpreet Kaur said that “She played nearly the complete tournament with a finger injury, which she beared during the 2nd league match of the tournament against the West Indies. She got injured while fielding. The physio advised her to rest, but inspite of that she continued on the field and took two wickets in a spell. Thankfully, I didn’t have to bat in that game,” Harmanpreet told to TOI.

After that, she played seven matches in a row with the finger injury.

“The doctors put a clamp on the ring finger of her left hand in order to keep it straight as the finger had become curved,” Harmanpreet’s father, Harmandar Bhullar said. “I wore the batting gloves on it. It was painful, but I was determined to go beyond the pain barrier and perform for my country,” Harmanpreet said.

“At one point, it looked I might have to return home from the World Cup. I would like to give credit to our physio Tracy Fernandes for helping me play the full tournament,” she added.

Before the final, Harmanpreet’s physical condition had worsened. But, her father asserted that even if she would have been on one leg, Harmanpreet would have played the game. “For a right-handed batter, power comes through one’s right hand, while the left hand gives the ball direction. The finger injury meant it was difficult for her to grip the bat with strength. The tear in her (Harmanpreet’s) left shoulder after the semifinal meant she was literally batting with one hand.”

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