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Player can be sent off the field in Cricket like in football: ICC new rules

The International Cricket Council (ICC) approved a few modifications in the cricket rules recommended by Cricket Committee, led by former India coach Anil Kumble in its annual convention held in London this week. The meeting headed by David Richardson, ICC’s Chief Executive Committee, on 24 June 2017, The review meeting was delayed because ICC Champions Trophy 2017 was going and soon after that meeting was organized and decision was taken.

In meeting two major changes were discussed and green signals was given and approved by all the members unanimously.

DRS: Decision Review System

DRS will be used in all T20 Internationals matches also. In the interim, for Tests, the current rule which allows use of reviews after 80 overs in Tests has been detached. The minimum standards for DRS use would include the mandatory use of accredited ball tracking and edge detection technology. For DRS review; the use would include the mandatory use of recognized ball tracking and edge revealing technology.

Another foremost change of the Cricket Committee’s proposals include giving umpires the power to sent off players for the most severe incidents like delinquency, including violence. All members agreed to implement this in full.

Other changes to the laws of the cricket which were suggested and accepted are on the restriction on bat magnitude (depth of edges and intensity of bat) – something that has long been argued upon due to the growing disparity between batsmen and bowlers. Another major change is that a batsman will be considered not out even if his or her bat bounces back up after being grounded behind the crease. The current rule declares the batsman out if the bat is not grounded when the bails are dislodged.

The new ICC rules and changes will come into effect from October 1.

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