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Top 5 Fastest Balls in The History of Cricket

Number 1

As officiated in the Guinness World Records, Shoaib is the record holder for the fastest delivery of a cricket ball in history. Playing for Pakistan against England in the 2003 Cricket World Cup, his bowl measured a stunning speed of 100.23 mph.


Bowler Shoaib Akhtar (Pakistan)
Speed in Kms 161.3 Km/h 
Miles 100.23 mph
Against  England 
Batsman Nick Knight
Date 22 Feb 2003
Venue Cape Town

Number 2 slot shared by Brett Lee and Shaun Tait

Brett Lee bowled at 161.1 km/h to Craig Cumming of New Zealand at Napier and it was the second fastest ball in the history of cricket.

Bowler Brett Lee (Australia)
Speed in Kms 161.1 Km/h 
Miles 100.1 mph
Against  New Zealand
Batsman Craig Cumming
Date 5-Mar-05
Venue Napier

Shaun Tait is One of the fastest bowler in history. Shaun Tait 161.1 Fastest Ball kmph ball against England was 3rd fastest ball in history of cricket with just behind Shoaib Akhtar’s 161.3 and equaling his team mate Brett Lee’s 161.1.

Bowler Shaun Tait (Australia)
Speed in Kms 161.1 Km/h 
Miles 100.1 mph
Against  England 
Batsman Craig Kieswetter
Date 3 Jul 2010
Venue Lord’s

Number 4

The 4th spot also has been again attained by the Australian fast bowler Shaun Tait for his quick bowling speed of 160.7 kmph against Pakistan in a T20 match in 2010.

Bowler Shaun Tait (Australia)
Speed in Kms 160.7 Km/h 
Miles 99.854 mph
Against  Pakistan
Batsman Imran Farhat
Date 5-Feb-05
Venue Melbourne

Number 5

The other bowler to reach the mark was Australian furious Jeff Thomson, who reached 160.6 kph during a study into fast bowling at the WACA Ground in 1976. Thomson is widely considered the fastest bowler in cricket history. 

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