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Vintage Cricket Ads That Will Take Back You To Your Childhood

Do you still remember those commercial breaks that used to shown between overs during cricket matches in the 90s? They visual quality was not too good at that but still the best ads of that time, as they will take us back to our childhood days.

Earlier we used to watch advertisement during the breaks as we don’t have many options to change the channels because of limited channels during 90s but nowadays we are hasty to change the channel whenever there’s a break during a cricket game.

These ads are just beautiful memories of old days from 90s not best but still the good one to beat the heat.

So, get ready to go back to your child hood:

Every Kid is wearing a mask of Sachin Tendulkar in this advertisement, waiting for drinks after playing cricket giving Pepsi to each other surprisingly Sachin Tendulkar was wearing the same mask to have a Pepsi and when removes his mask kids shouted in Surprising tone “Sachin” and finishes with slogan “Ye Dil Mange More”

(source: Youtube)

Another Pepsi cricket ad featuring Sachin Tendulkar shown him breaking a vehicle’s glass, and he was running and driver was chasing him. But when driver caught him he offers him surprisingly he offers him Pepsi. And Sachin wearing Pepsi logo cap move it backwards and says: “Pepsi Nothing Official about it”

(source: Youtube)

In another cricket ad after Playing cricket both Sachin and Kambli decides to have a Pepsi, but after reaching dressing room they discover that only one Pepsi is available. Both had racing competition, the one who reach first to Pespi will have it but it was so both decided to have arm wrestling match. Both were busy in doing so and suddenly from nowhere Mohammad Azharuddin comes and drinks the Pepsi and says relax boys have a Pepsi.

Who can forget Sachin Tendulkar and Shahrukh Khan Pepsi Cricket ad. In this ad Shahrukh Khan enters the cricketer dressing room by dressing like Sachin Tendulkar to drink Pepsi. This was the funniest one. Watch it and decide it

This time Rahul Dravid was seen in Pepsi ad. Rhaul was shown practising with hanging cricket ball and two girls were seeing him and having word about him. One says he will become stylish, liking keeping long hairs, partying late night and stop practising but another says no he is not like that.

Sachin & Amitabh Bachan in Pepsi Ad

Amitabh Bachchan & Sachin having a kite flying competition in a Pepsi ad- Ye Dil Mange More


Kissan Jam Ad Featuring Jammy Alias Rahul Dravid:

This ‘Jam Jam Jammy’ Kissan Ad featuring Jammy himself was one of the funniest ad. Rahul Dravid mom stops him from eating Jam (Kissan Jam). Which makes jammy think wickedly and he comes in different get ups to eat jam.

 Cadbury Dairy Milk ad:

This Cadbury Dairy Milk ad with the music beats which can make any one dance on its lovely rhythmic music. Although this ad doesn’t have any cricket stars but still it was one of the best cricketing ads of that time.


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