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Child being abused in a Video makes Skipper Kohli and Opener Shikhar Dhawan Dejected

In our country education is always imposed on children’s. In the cutthroat competitions children’s are pressurized by their parents to choose subjects according to them not as per children’s wish. Parents use their children’s as a tool to make their wish fulfilled. Why parents don’t understand that its only love with their children’s make all things go right. We must understand the feeling of our child what they want in their life.

Nevertheless, almost every team India’s cricketer reacted on the video of child being abused by her mother (presumed) in a study session. Virat Kohli, Shikhar Dhawan, Robin Uthappa and Yuvraj Singh have responded robustly to a video which is viral on the social media. The video shows a young girl being terrorized by a woman during a study session as she tries to narrate the numbers. She was also flattened if she makes a mistake. The Indian cricketers have condemned the act, reacting to the terrorized reaction of the kid who constantly pleads to avoid the thrashing.

Team India captain Virat Kohli, shared with video with a message on Instagram, “The fact that the pain and anger of the child is ignored and one’s own ego to make the child learn is so massive that compassion has totally gone out of the window. This is shocking and saddening to another dimension. A child can never learn if intimidated. This is hurtful.”

Dhawan wrote, “I request parents to be patient with your children’s at all times. Every child learns at his own pace. Pls refrain from beating/degrading them.”

Dhawan requested parents to be patient with their children’s at all times. According to him every child learns at his own supremacy; further he added that the child can be taught by being polite. If you beat them they every child has its own caliber and interest of learning which only can be taught by being polite.  Dhawan is himself a father of children’s and he understand the pain of a child in the video.

Robin Uthappa: “This is heart wrenching. Children shouldn’t be raised this way. This needs to stop. I pray we can raise our kids with love instead of fear.”

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