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Some of the Electrifying Data About Cricket World Cup

Two Captains accomplished twice: Clive Lloyd of West Indies and Ricky Ponting of Australia are the only skippers to win the trophy twice. Clive Lloyd clinched the World Cup trophies in 1975 and 1979 while the legendary Ricky Ponting of Australia has won in 2003 and 2007 World Cups

Highest & Lowest innings totals in World Cup’s: The highest score of World Cups is 417-6 in Australia vs Afghanistan at Perth in 2015 and the lowest is 36 between Canada and Sri Lanka in 2003 at Paarl.

Top 5 highest totals in World Cups

Team Score Overs RR Inns Opposition Ground Match Date
AUS 417/6 50 8.34 1 v AFG Perth 4-Mar-15
IND 413/5 50 8.26 1 v BER Port of Spain 19-Mar-07
SA 411/4 50 8.22 1 v IRE Canberra 3-Mar-15
SA 408/5 50 8.16 1 v WI Sydney 27-Feb-15
SL 398/5 50 7.96 1 v KEN Kandy 6-Mar-96

Top 5 lowest totals in World Cups

Team Score Overs RR Inns Opposition Ground Match Date
CAN 36 18.4 1.92 1 v SL Paarl 19-Feb-03
CAN 45 40.3 1.11 1 v ENG Manchester 13-Jun-79
NAM 45 14 3.21 2 v AUS Potchefstroom 27-Feb-03
BAN 58 18.5 3.07 1 v WI Dhaka 4-Mar-11
SCO 68 31.3 2.15 1 v WI Leicester 27-May-99

First World Cup to have two different opening ceremonies: The World Cup 2015 had two different opening ceremonies, which makes it distinctive from its other seasons. One took place at Christchurch’s North Hagley Park in New Zealand and the other at Melbourne, Australia. 

Most World Cups hosting country: England has hosted the most World Cups – a total of 4 (including the first three World Cups). They hosted it in 1975, 1979, 1983, and 1999 and will host their fifth in 2019. England are also the only nation to have hosted a World Cup alone, doing it in 1975 and 1979. In 1983 & 1999, despite being regarded as the only host for the tournament, some matches were played in Ireland, Netherlands, Scotland and Wales.

Coin tossed twice in World Cup 2011:The coin had to be tossed twice at the 2011 World Cup final. When the coin went up for the first time, match referee Jeff Crowe could not hear the call from Kumar Sangakkara. The coin came down as heads and Sangakkara reckoned he called the right side of the coin and was about to say that his side would bat first. However, MS Dhoni said that he heard a call of ‘tails’ from Sangakkara. Crowe then said that the coin would go up once more.


Oldest Player to play World Cup: The oldest man to appear in a World Cup match was Neitherland’s Nolan Clarke, at 47 years 257 days in 1995-96

First Player to take Hat-trick in World Cup: Chetan Sharma from India also known as World Cup hat-trick man is the first person to clean bowled three batsmen, including Ken Rutherford, Ian Smith and Ewen Chatfield of New Zealand in 1987, off consecutive balls.

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