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Happy Birthday Virender Sehwag: Batsman With No Fear

Virender Sehwag, one of the world’s most explosive openers, has turned 39 today. Sehwag, who gave a new definition of opening, is famous for his unique style and his records are absolutely unique as well. So, let’s look at his sturdy records on Veeru’s birthday:

 “Sultan of Multan” Virender Sehwag played a memorable innings of 309 against Pakistan in 2004. Apart from this, he is the first batsman to score a triple century by hitting six runs. It was only after that Kumar Sangakkara could do that. In this explosive innings, he had blown away the Pakistan team. 

Virender Sehwag scored a century in first-class cricket and first innings of the Test match. In 1998, debut-ant Sehwag come to bat at No. 7 for Delhi and played 118 runs innings against Haryana. After that, he scored 105 in 2003 against South Africa in debut Test Match. He is the third player in the world to do this. 

In 140 years of Test cricket history, selective batsman has scored a triple hundred. But Virender Sehwag is among the four players who have done these 2 times. After Pakistan, Sehwag had played 319 against South Africa in Chennai in 2008. Brian Lara (375 and 400), Don Bradman (334 and 304) and Chris Gayle (333 and 317) could do the same thing. Although he missed the third triple century in 2009 and got out on 293.

Veeru is the Indian player who has scored the most runs in a day. In the second day of the Test against Sri Lanka in 2009, he scored 284 runs. Before being dismissed at 293, he ensured that he would become the Indian cricketer who made the most runs in one day of the Test.

List of Top 10 Batsman with most runs in a Single Day

Player Runs Start Finish OPP Venue Match Date
D Bradman (AUS) 309 0 309* ENG Leeds 11-Jul-30
W Hammond (AUS) 295 41* 336 NZ Auckland 31-Mar-33
V Sehwag (IND) 284 0 284* SL Mumbai 02-Dec-09
D Compton (ENG) 273 5* 278 PAK Nottingham 01-Jul-54
D Bradman (AUS) 271 0 271* ENG Leeds 20-Jul-34
V Sehwag (IND) 257 52* 309* SA Chennai 26-Mar-08
D Bradman (AUS) 244 0 244 ENG The Oval 18-Aug-34
D Warner (AUS) 244 0 244* NZ Perth 13-Nov-15
F Worrell (WI) 239 0 239* ENG Nottingham 20-Jul-50
K Nair (IND) 232 71* 303 ENG Chennai 16-Dec-16

Batting Stats

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  M Inn Runs HS Avg SR 100 200 50
Test 104 180 8586 319 49.34 82.23 23 6 32
ODI 251 245 8273 219 35.06 104.34 15 1 38
T20I 19 18 394 68 21.89 145.39 0 0 2
IPL 104 104 2728 122 27.56 155.44 2 0 16

Sehwag is included in the list of players who are not afraid to take risks. Sehwag was not the only victim of the nervous 90s. They are also victims of the nervous 190s and 290s. Sehwag has been dismissed five times in 90s (90,90,92,96 and 99), once in 190s (195) and once in 290s (293). Apart from this, only one batsman England’s former opener Alistair Cook is included in this list.

Sehwag is the only player in the world who has not only scored two triple centuries, but also took 5 wickets in one innings of Test. Lara, Gayle or Bradman could not do this. But he took 5 wickets against Australia in 2008. 

He is one of the players who was quick to make runs. His was in so haste that he had made 7 hundred in which he took less than 100 balls out of his 23 career Test centuries, this is a record. Adam Gilchrist’s number comes after him. In Test cricket, only 5 double centuries are in 200 balls. Three of them are names of Virender Sehwag. He made less than 230 balls to score 5 of Sehwag’s 6 double centuries.

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