Sunil Gavaskar First Batsman to reach 10000 test runs (criclineup)
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Sunil Gavaskar: On This Day, 1987 Become The First Batsman To Score 10000 Test Runs

On this day, 7 Mar 1987 is very special day in the Indian cricket. As the legendary batsman Sunil Gavaskar named become the first batsman in the history of test cricket to score 10000 Test runs.  His technique against fast bowlers was always been luminous.

Not only this, Gavaskar is the first Indian player to have a record of more than 100 catches (excluding wicket keeping).  

Sunil Gavaskar First Batsman to reach 10000 test runs (criclineup)
First Batsman to reach 10000 test runs (File Photo)

Record made against Pakistan 

It was the fourth Test Match between the arch rivals India and Pakistan in 1987, Ahmedabad. Sunil Gavaskar batting in the first innings,  as soon he reached the 58 runs the People in stadium began to celebrate. India’s Sunil Gavaskar became the first batsman in the world to complete ten thousand runs in the Test. Gavaskar achieved this record in the 212nd innings of 124 Tests.

The enthusiasm of people can be estimated from the fact that the game had to be stopped for 20 minutes after the record was created. Later Gavaskar was dismissed by 63 runs; However, the match was drawn. It was the 11th consecutive draw between India and Pakistan.  Gavaskar’s record was broken by Allan Border of Australia in 1993, six years later.  

“I would have just been happy with 1,000 runs. Now I feel 10 times more fantastic.”


Mastero of fast bowling:

At that time people were afraid to play along with the helmets ahead of the tall and Furious West Indies fast bowlers, he surprised them by playing without helmets. People were surprised to see technique and brilliant batting of him against their fast bowlers. His average was 65.45 against the West Indies, whose fast bowling was furious of that period.    

Test Stats

  Inns 100 Runs Avg
Tests  214 34 10122 51.12

Players with 10000 or most Test Runs

S Tendulkar (IND)20032915921248*53.785168
R Ponting (AUS)1682871337825751.854162
J Kallis (SA)1662801328922455.374558
R Dravid (IND)1642861328827052.313663
K Sangakkara (SL)1342331240031957.43852
A Cook (ENG)1522751200529446.353255
B Lara (WI)13123211953400*52.883448
S Chanderpaul (WI)16428011867203*51.373066
M Jayawardene (SL)1492521181437449.843450
A Border (AUS)1562651117420550.562763
S Waugh (AUS)1682601092720051.063250
S Gavaskar (IND)12521410122236*51.123445
Younis Khan (PAK)1182131009931352.053433


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